Our Purpose




The Dean Brody Foundation, through fundraising and awareness, supports the work of grassroots organizations who share a passion to rescue and rehabilitate young girls who are victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery. We have a vision to help bring Hope, Healing and Justice to vulnerable and exploited girls around the world.







To assist in the prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of vulnerable girls by providing places of refuge where they are nurtured physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


To help girls heal from the psychological scars and trauma of abuse by working closely with trained professionals.


To cultivate a sense of self-worth through dance, music, art therapy, education and the development of skills - empowering them to build a sustainable future.


To help expose and bring the perpetrators of abuse and trafficking to justice.


To help bring sustainable change to the communities where poverty has left girls vulnerable to exploitation.


To support other organizations who fight for the dignity and basic human rights of girls around the world.