The Pink House in Medina




In January of 2011, Dean and Matt travelled north along the Br 116 and came upon a town called Medina. They met with Rita Marques, a member of the Children╩╝s Council, and asked her what kind of impact child prostitution was having on the girls of her town.

Tears welled in her eyes and she said, “It is devastating them”. Rita said that the problem was so entrenched that the parents of some of the girls had even been known to use their homes as brothels for their own daughters. She took Matt and Dean around that night and introduced them to the darkness she had spoke about.

With the help of Rita, the town of Medina came behind The Dean Brody Foundation and Meninadança in establishing a house of hope for vulnerable girls. Today, Rita is the full-time director of Casa Rosa (Pink House), and there is an amazing staff as well as an abundance of volunteers who have given of themselves tirelessly and sacrificially to help share God's love with these precious girls.

The accomplishments that have been acheived since opening day are far too numerous to write about here. Please visit Meninadança's Facebook page to explore the amazing work that has been done over the past two years, and to see what they are dreaming of for the future

In 2014 The Dean Brody Foundation transitioned from a partnership role with Meninadança, to one of financial support. Although we are no longer a part of day to day operations, we are excited to see what the future holds for this NGO and continue to share in the dream of the transformation of the BR-116 motorway.