Pedra Viva





In November of 2010, we helped open a centre for girls living in a notorious favela (or slum) in Belo Horizonte - Brazilʼs third largest city.

The Pedreira favela (which means 'quarry' in english) is split into two parts controlled by rival drug gangs. Pedra Viva centre stands between both of them, meaning girls living in either side can attend without fear of retribution.

Like most Brazilian slums, Pedreira has overwhelming social problems. In particular, drug addiction and gang-related violence. Domestic violence and sexual abuse is also common and many young girls have experienced sexual exploitation at a young age, just as their mothers did before them. Pedra Viva is a sanctuary to the children and youth of the 'quarry'. The centre is run by Nilce Campos, an amazing woman who has advocated tirelessly for children's rights and has won numerous  government awards for her work.

The centre provides professional dance classes - including street dance and ballet - as well as other activities such as: Brazilian percussion, singing and instrument lessons, an IT suite, education and art classes. Sessions with psychologists and social workers are also provided to help the girls overcome their past traumatic experiences and current circumstances.



In 2012 we transitioned out of a partnership role with Pedra Viva as Nilce successfuly aquired government grants and financial support within Brazil. She also expanded her vision to include at risk boys from the favela as well. You can see more about Pedra Viva here: